Giving Tuesday

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known as Giving Tuesday — a day dedicated to supporting the causes and ministries close to your heart. On this Giving Tuesday, find out how you can participate in funding our New York City Global Outreach Ministry Center.

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,

The Thanksgiving holiday brings to mind and heart a spirit of thankfulness to God for all that He has done this year through our various IBJM ministries around the world. It is also a time to gratefully remember that our ministries depend upon faithful donors like you who the Lord has used to provide for some of the major projects we have undertaken in recent years. God has been very faithful and He is worthy of praise.

Last year for GivingTuesday, we asked for your support to help us refurbish the entry area to our IBJM facilities to provide greater security, to upgrade the main entrance to our Norwood Ministry Center and Museum, and to finish the side entrance. We are pleased for you to see that all work has been essentially completed.

Photo of Old Signage

Main Entrance

Front of the Norwood Ministry Center

Photo of New Signage

Side Entrance and Sign

This year for GivingTuesday, we would like to turn our attention and yours to an exciting ministry project in New York City, home to 1.6 million Jewish people, and a central location from which to reach the entire Northeast Corridor, from Boston to Washington, D.C. having a total population of more than 3 million Jewish people!  We at IBJM have long envisioned a Global Outreach Ministry Center for New York City, a functional building that could be used for ministry training, evangelistic outreach, and lodging interns and short-term ministry teams. We have been promoting this much needed Center for several years and many people have already invested in the idea during that time.

More recently, there have been some interesting developments focused on two particular properties which have the potential to be used to fulfill this need. One of those properties in Queens is owned by Jewish believers who have a deep desire to see their very spacious home used for just such a ministry to Jewish people. The process of seriously considering these two buildings has begun in earnest. They are right next to each other, too!

First Building Street View

Entry and Staircase

Spacious Front Room

We have accumulated some funds through the gracious gifts of many early donors to this project, but it truly remains a God-sized project in that the total cost will be about one million dollars or more, to fully fund this purchase based on the appraisals of the property which were recently completed. Needless to say that is a lot more than we have in hand right now.

But this is also an exciting faith venture, one that calls upon us to trust the Lord to provide, as He has always done.  He still owns those cattle on a thousand hills!  He is the very same God who has so often in the course of history, as recorded in His Word, done great and mighty things for His people.

Second Building Exterior

Second Building Side View

Time and again, the Lord has used our faithful donors to meet such needs, so during this annual post-Thanksgiving time of charitable giving, we would like to place this Ministry Center Project before you, inviting you to join us in prayer that the Lord would continue to work in miraculous ways to bring this long-held vision to fruition in the coming year. 

 Then too, if you would consider giving your best gift, a special offering for this project beyond your already faithful giving, we would be very grateful.  We have seen Jewish souls saved this year through our many outreach ministries.  Just think what a dedicated center in the heart of a great Jewish community could do to further the gospel, in America’s most well-known metropolis.  

 Words cannot adequately express our heartfelt gratitude for the important part you have in furthering our gospel outreach to Jewish people more expansively and more effectively. If you would like to participate in supporting this year’s special GivingTuesday project, you may make your gift via the special link below to help with the purchase of a suitable property to fulfill this important need.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very blessed and fruitful New Year in His service, as we recall together our many blessings of this year which is coming to a close. Thank you for being such a great blessing to our IBJM Ministries!

Rejoicing in His Goodness,

John C. Lawrence

Director of Ministries

International Board of Jewish Missions

Romans 11: 1-2

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Persecuted and beaten by friends and forsaken by his family, the young Gartenhaus was led by God to become an ambassador to his own people, establishing the IBJM ministry.

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