Dr. Jacob GartenhausInternational Board of Jewish Missions was founded in 1949 by Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus, a "completed" Jew, who, after being reared in an Orthodox Jewish home in Austria, moved to America in search of riches. Instead, he was led to the Messiah by his older brother in New York City.

Persecuted and beaten by his friends and forsaken by family, Dr. Gartenhaus immediately began a ministry among his own people. After 28 years in Baptist denominational work among the Jewish people of the Southern United States, Dr. and Mrs. Gartenhaus founded International Board of Jewish Missions.

Jacob and Lillian GartenhausIn 1971, it became evident that the world headquarters of IBJM would have to be enlarged. That year construction was completed and IBJM moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The heartbeat of IBJM is sharing the truth of the Messiah with Jewish people. Our desire is to see them come to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This purpose has not changed over the years as we continue to reach out to these precious people.