Goals and Objectives

The Goals and objectives of IBJM are:

  • To work with local churches in sending God-called missionaries to fields where there is little or no witness.
  • To establish and maintain New Testament churches near Jewish communities.
  • To assist local churches in obeying the Lord’s command to preach the gospel to Jewish people.
  • To train Christians in methods of approach to Jews, and to provide materials to develop an effective witness.
  • To publish and distribute the Bible and other suitable literature to Jewish people throughout the world.
  • To distribute relief to needy Hebrew Christians.
  • To bring light through the gospel to Jews and Gentiles, pointing them to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and to encourage spiritual growth.
  • To reach out to Jewish people through radio and television ministries.
  • To establish Everlasting Nation Fellowship prayer groups and classes, knowing that God will bless those who love Israel.
  • To conduct prophetic Bible and missionary conferences to stir the hearts of God’s people in these last days.
  • To render assistance to worthy students preparing for Jewish missions work.