For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever. Psalm 9:18

Dear Partners,

If you are anywhere on this planet, you are aware of the barbaric attack the two Palestinian, terrorist organizations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, launched against Israel on Saturday morning, October 6. As of Thursday, October 12, the Israeli news reported that the government has estimated that there were over 1,000 terrorists who entered the country from Gaza by land, sea, and air.

The surprise attack caught Israeli border soldiers asleep (literally) as they were enjoying the first Shabbat morning after the Sukkot holidays. For those Americans living in Israel, this unprovoked, atrocious assault on a sleeping Israel brought back vivid memories of the deadly Japanese attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. This morning, it was reported that over 3,000 Israelis have been injured, over 200 in serious or critical condition, and over 1,300 murdered with over 150 being taken hostage by these savage terrorists. A video was posted yesterday of Hamas apparently killing four of the hostages.


Since Prime Minister Netanyahu declared war on Hamas, I have been asking God to show me how we could help in the war effort. Amazingly, we had just ordered food and blankets, and our warehouse was stocked full of gifts for those in need.

On Monday, October 9, Hagit and I went by the warehouse to get food for a needy family living in Haifa. Once again, I looked at all of the food and blankets we had stored in our warehouse that should be in the hands of people in need and wondered, HOW CAN WE HELP?

On the way back from Haifa, we stopped to get something to eat at a local restaurant that was open. When we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed two young men transferring goods from one van to another. Later, while having our dinner, we found out that on the floor above the restaurant, people were preparing food, clothing, toiletries, water, and other items needed for the families who had been displaced from their homes and the IDF soldiers around the Gaza Strip. Amazingly, the directors of this organization came into the restaurant for dinner, and we asked the manager, who knew them quite well if she would introduce us to them. Soon after meeting and learning of their project, the Lord laid it on my heart and Hagit’s to donate our entire warehouse stock to help in the war effort.

The next morning, we were able to mobilize our staff to assist us in loading 715 blankets and enough food to feed 715 soldiers and families into this massive truck belonging to the war effort organization. Later that day, we visited their “war room” where hundreds of volunteers help to prepare hot meals and assemble other needed items to take to those who are in “harm’s way.” PLEASE PRAY FOR US AND OUR FRIENDS AS WE FIGHT THIS WAR TOGETHER, THANKS TO YOUR PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL GIFTS TO OUR EFFORTS!


No sooner had we returned home after the long day of assembling aid for the war effort, than Hagit received a telephone call from Yochi. She exclaimed, “You do not know what I have had to go through to find your telephone number! My son who is in the IDF, just called begging for anything I might have to be sent to the soldiers who had just been deployed to the Lebanese border in the north,” she added. “Do you have anything, like flashlights that attach to helmets, Leatherman all-purpose camping tools, sleeping bags, and things of that sort? Sixty soldiers in his unit have these needs. Can you help?” she asked. Hagit replied, “I am sorry, Yochi, I gave all of our food and all of our double blankets away this morning. The only thing I have left is 180 single blankets.” “Hold on!” Yochi said, apparently putting her hand over the phone, “Can you give us 120 of your single blankets, please?” As this conversation was on speakerphone, Hagit looked to me for approval, and I nodded my head in affirmation. “Yes,” answered Hagit.

Within an hour, the 120 blankets were delivered to Yochi, to be sent to her son and the soldiers serving with him on the northern border of Israel. Yochi is a lady who works for the Israeli Ministry of Interior and personally followed the final three years of the required five-year Israeli citizenship application which I went through to get my citizenship two years ago. We had not been bashful about telling her of the ministry in my application process, with which she was deeply impressed, which motivated her to search for our phone number to ask us for help. PRAY FOR YOCHI, THAT GOD WOULD USE OUR TESTIMONY AND THE EXAMPLE OF THE RELIEF WORK TO BRING HER TO CHRIST!


As I was finishing typing this letter, I had to scurry to the “secure room” in our apartment as the air raid sirens were warning that rockets shot from Gaza were in our area. We live in the departure flight path of airplanes leaving the Ben Gurion airport which is just a 20-minute drive from where we live. Whenever there is an uprising of Hamas against Israel, one of their main targets is the airport. This is nothing new for us. For the past seven years that we have lived in Israel, unfortunately, our secure room (which I call my war room because it is here that I begin each day in prayer and the study of God’s Word) has literally become the place we go to escape the rockets being shot at us from the Gaza strip.

Multiply our experience by seven million, the number of Jewish people living in Israel. The whim of an evil, godless, barbaric group can send the Jewish population into a place of hiding from the rockets being rained down on their heads. This time, the enemy has made a mistake. This time they underestimated the resolve of the Jewish people. May the leaders of our country not bow to international pressure, as they have done in the past. There will be pictures and videos that will appear on TV of innocent Palestinians, including women and children, who undoubtedly will be killed in the fighting. There will be an effort by the liberal press to put pressure on Israel to not “finish the job.”

After the Holocaust, the motto that the Jews took was, “NEVER AGAIN!” It is paramount that those who love the Lord, His Land, and His people, PRAY THAT GOD WILL FIGHT FOR ISRAEL and deliver His people from those evil, Islamic monster groups that are trying to kill the Jewish population and take their land, just because they are Jews! “NEVER AGAIN!” MAY ALL THE WORLD SAY!

To you, our partners, who have stood with us these many years, we want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your faithful prayers and financial support for our ministry. Without your commitment, we would not have been able to help our country in the way we have helped in the past few days! WE COVET YOUR PRAYERS.

For the Messiah,

Brother Allen

and the entire Staff


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Persecuted and beaten by friends and forsaken by his family, the young Gartenhaus was led by God to become an ambassador to his own people, establishing the IBJM ministry.

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