IBJM is a multi-faceted worldwide mission organization that reaches out specifically to God's chosen people, the Jews. Each ministry of IBJM operates with this goal in mind.

Most of our ministries are designed to help our current missionaries reach Jewish people, and enlist and train new missionaries to further the work of Christ.

In this section, you can learn how to become a missionary with IBJM, reach our current missionaries via e-mail, and help train and equip a missionary for future service among the Jews.

Also, you can get information on our annual Holy Land trip, and much more.

Passover Demonstrations

Why should Christians be interested in the Jewish Passover? Because it has great spiritual truth embodied within its symbols, based on Exodus 12.

Jewish homes observe this celebration in March or April of each year. An IBJM Passover demonstration illustrates how it was observed in Egypt, how Jesus observed it with His disciples, and how Jews observe it today. The Passover speaks strongly of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ Himself, in His sacrificial work upon Calvary for the sins of mankind (John 1:29).

Evangelistic Training

We are living in the last days. The return of Christ is near. As a result, Christians today need to be challenged as never before with the events of Bible prophecy, the fulfillment of many of these events, and their responsibility to the Jewish people. Remember, God's heart is with the Jewish nation; they are precious in his sight (Deuteronomy 7:6).