Jewish Evangelism Seminar

God’s chosen people must be reached with the gospel through your personal witness. Individual Christians and churches have neglected Jewish evangelism for too long. This motivational one-day seminar will teach you how to have an effective witness to your Jewish friends. Sessions will also address how churches can establish an on-going outreach to Jewish people within their communities.

Regularly featured speakers include:

  • Ed Frampton, IBJM President and General Director
  • John Lawrence, IBJM Director of Ministries
  • Mark Oshman, Gartenhaus Training Center and IBJM Missionary
  • Tom McGuirt, IBJM Global Outreach Ministry Representative
  • Aaron Braaten, Project Nehemiah Ministry Representative

If your church is interested in sponsoring this type of seminar we can bring it to your city. Call (423) 876-8150 or contact us for more information.